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We have so much to tell you about our websites.

To begin, we have designed it primarily to ensure current information. Although websites can go out of date in seconds, facilities are in place that will automatically display information when it is relevant and remove information when it has expired.

Secondly, we have set it up to minimize central maintenance (central maintenance typically leads to update latency). All businesses, organizations, government offices have 24x7 access to their own information via a web browser. Each entity will have a username & password to enable them to access their information and keep it current via on-line forms - NO HTML programming required! Meeting agendas and minutes for township committee meetings can now be uploaded (see some that the Town Council has already uploaded).

Thirdly, the community can keep up to date with activities thru subscription notifications. This means that any user can subscribe to zoning board meetings, planning board meetings, announcements about taxes, recreation, etc. Once subscribed, the user will receive an eMail notification of the upcoming event or announcement that they subscribed to.

Government departments have the capability to upload forms, newsletters, agendas and meeting minutes, saving the community from having to get to town hall before closing.

We are also creating a database of old pictures of different places in Mount Holly. Every time you click on a page you will see a different picture. Also, every time you re-visit a page you will also see a new picture.

Please help us maintain our website. Let us know what you would like to see. And, by all means let us know if anything is not working properly.

Thank You.

Click here to subscribe to government and community announcements & events

Click here to subscribe to government and community announcements & events

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